My Third Poetry :- Love Dedication

I love your dark eyes ,
When you leave my heart cries .
The moments I spent with you ,
Are leap years that comes a few .
Never the less I love you .

Not an angel nor a fairy ,
But you are a blessing to me .
When you came in my life ,
It was a delightful moment to me .

You are not my first love ,
But my last ;
I love you ,
I don’t care about your past .

I am your lover ,
I will love you forever .
Whether it’s jocund or melancholy ,
I will keep you jolly .

My heart is attuned to your voice ,
And you are my most delightful choice .

– Shibabrata Saha



जब-जब गम का काला बादल ,

ताब-ताब तुमने छाते की तरह मुझे बेगाने से बचाया ।

जब-जब मेरा दिल तन्हा रोया ,

ताब-ताब तुमने मेरे दिल को समझाया ,

की दिल तू क्यू रोटा है ,

हर बार तू क्यू उम्मीद खोता है ।

जब-जब मैं खत्म होने को आया ,

ताब-ताब तुमने मुझे एक नया हौसला दिलाया ।

दुआ करूँगा की हमारी दोस्ती कभी ना टूटे ,

वक्त की पाबंदिया हमारी दोस्ती के आगे झुके ।

Shibabrata Saha

Women Empowerment

Nowadays, it is one of the important issues in the world specially in countries like India where the struggling life of a girl starts from the birth of her. She has to struggle to be born , she has to struggle to go to school , she has to struggle for equality in society and after that she has to struggle for her family.

We say ourselves modern but, is it really so ?

No , there are still some places around the globe where the life of women is more struggling than men. There she do not have the right to education , she cannot stand equally to man , she cannot go out for a job , she cannot sleep with her friends at night , she cannot step outside in night alone , she cannot enjoy her life freely.

Why so ?

We all are responsible for it jointly. We are not changing our lifestyle and old rubbish thoughts. We are simply neglecting them. People still think that women should not be educated , they cannot choose their lifestyle , they cannot stand equally in society as men can.

If women can sacrifice their whole life for us , so why cannot we give them a single chance to prove that they can be equal to men in society. They are not weak rather they are powerful than men.

We should remember what happened with Sakshi Malik. In her village nobody supported her excluding her family. And later on when she won bronze medal in 2016 Olympics for India and returned with flying colours. The people who neglected her and her talent , had danced in the joy of her success.

We pray Goddesses like Saraswati , Durga , Kali , Maa Sherawali. Though we had not seen them but we are celebrating their events with full of joy and respect. Then why we are not giving women a single chance to prove themselves ?

They are also same as Goddesses.

Our Indian mythology has many examples of how men respected women. One of them is of Shri Shri Ramakrishna , who prayed his wife Maa Saradamoni instead of praying any goddess. He showed the world that we do not have to pray to silent statues of God rather we should be devoted to ourself and every human being because ” Human body is the temple of living God “.

Shibabrata Saha

My First Poetry – BEST FRIEND

You are like a four-leaf clover

That I want forever.

Not an Angel nor a fairy ,

But , you are a blessing to me .

Whether it’s jocund or melancholy ,

You stayed with me ,

And made me feel jolly .

You put me out from

Every bad situation ,

Whether it’s a brawl or depression .

For all your efforts ,

This is my small contribution

Thank you to be

My greatest companion.

Shibabrata Saha